Our Actions: Musical

OBJECTIVE: Using the universal language of music to:

  • Comfort hearts, families, fathers, mothers, siblings and all those grieving;
  • Strengthen marriages and relationships strained due to family tragedies;
  • Provide useful information and content to avoid the cruel reality of child drowning and raise public awareness;
  • Teah music for children who have lost their loved ones;
  • Show people that building a closer relationship with God and the contact with music may change stories and save our future.

We will be putting on concerts in predetermined places throughout Florida, such as schools, churches, hospitals and public places.

During the concerts, we will bring comfort and peace to those who have lost their loved ones. In addition to singing really deep, touching songs, we will also talk about our personal experienceand what we have been doing to find strength to fight the pain. We will put on videos of our daughter Susan and of other children* who left us too early;

We will also provide information and statistics on child drowning to raise people’s awareness. Moreover, we will talk about several actions that can be taken to prevent accidents and reduce the rates.

*Upon family’s authorization

Information, prevention and healing through the universal language of music.

The Susan Forever Project will also teach music for children at no cost;

We will form a choir and a band with volunteers and students with which we will put on the concerts, adjusting the band accordingly to the needs and place of the show.

We will record videos of us playing and singing to share the project on YouTube and to post on other social media.

Our Actions: Digital

OBJECTIVE: Spread information through digital media

Since the internet is one of the main communication tools of today, we want to use social media to interact with people, raising awareness on the subject and reaching as many people as possible, not only in Florida, but around the world.


  • We will put and share videos and recordings of our social actions, concerts, experiences from ourselves and from other families, as well as from people about the project.

Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

  • Promote the project and interact with those engaged;
  • Provide real-time information on social actions and concerts;
  • Talk about preventive actions concerned with drowning and its consequences.

Website *susanforeverproject.org* We will use it to:

  • Provide the latest local and world statistics;
  • Tell Susan story and share our experience of overcoming and survival;
  • Tell stories of of the other families who also went through similar tragedies, thus paying tribute to them.
  • Share the latest and future actions of the project, such as dates of concerts and social actions;
  • Recruit volunteers, donors and partners for the project;
  • Disseminate other drowning prevention actions, websites, NGOs and similar events around the world;
  • Help save families and lives from tragedy.

Our Actions: Social

OBJECTIVE: Make as many people as possible aware about the need for prevention.

  • Give informative lectures in school, hospitals and public agencies;
  • Promote the project in public tolls, traffic lights and events through informative folders;
  • Visit counties and cities affected in order to lower incidence of child drowning.

As we mentioned, a child weighing up to 65 pounds may drown in only 30 seconds, and even if they do not die, they may have irreversible aftereffects due to drowning. Our aim is to avoid the issue through prevention, warning people about child’s vulnerability and pointing out that adults are responsible for ensuring all safety requirements.

Then, we will provide as many information as possible on safety rules and other tips and measures of prevention.