Help To Save A Life

Susan Forever is a non-profit project that will be exclusively supported by companies and individuals who can contribute by volunteering or donating.

Losing a child is a lacerate and persistent pain without peer. The  SUSAN FOREVER PROJECT,does not want anyone in the world go through this pain, and that depend on us we will do everything to help save the maximum of lives of defenseless and innocent children…Because more than 80% of the accidental deaths of children by drowning are directly or indirectly related  by some kind of negligence of those responsible.

I lost a child victim of drowning, what can you do for me?

Alex and Ester, who lost his daughter, and Nick who lost his little sister, learned how hard that there are pains that are irreversible. There will be nothing that replace the sweet Susan. However, they found the love for music and people a way to go forward, always together. The main, they learned to transform the pain of absence in a struggle for the survival of other children.

If in your family there was the tragedy of child drowning, or even the loss of a child for some other reason, share their history with the SUSAN FOREVER.  Your experience can help other people recover. Now, for those who need help to overcome this pain, know that you are not alone, SUSAN FOREVER is available and can contribute much to that you find a good and new meaning to live. Remember that the family is the most precious good that exists and that to overcome major headaches, the best way is to fight together.


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